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Well, I listened to almost every episode over the last week, and thought it would be kind of rude not to donate, but it was worth every penny and then some. I don’t think you guys need to change anything. I like the talking and have the same sense of humor so it just feels like I’m with my friends except I don’t add anything to the conversation haha. I mean, in my head I am and you guys think I’m hilarious so it’s working out this way. I know life is busy so I appreciate you two doing all the work that goes into the show.

Great Podcast

I love this podcast and the topics that they talk about. However, they talk a lot and that can take away from the subject


Rebecca come live with us. We have plenty of deep fried cheese based foods,ciggys and Diet Coke. you can have them whenever you want. Even after 8pm. That’s my hard sell.

Great podcast!

I love this show. Jason and Rebecca are articulate and entertaining, and I appreciate the research that goes into every episode. By having episodes to look forward to, they have helped me maintain my sanity during this crazy time.

Length is this shows friend

Enjoy the show and chemistry with hosts is on point, and it’s gotten so much better since the beginning. The longer the episodes the better for me, but I do appreciate getting a second short episode at the end of the week. I came back to edit my review because again it’s gotten so much better in my opinion and a lot of that seems to be from them taking listener feedback. Two thumbs up. Would recommend.

12 Minutes ...

... First episode I’ve ever listened to of Ghost Town and you had me with a subscription and 5 stars at about 12 ish minutes in to the Action Park show. Happy to have discovered y’all!

Fun to listen too!

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s not super serious and I enjoy the banter. Give it a shot!


Listening to this podcast is like sitting around with your best friends telling stories. Jason and Rebecca are great story tellers and their quick wit is hilarious. My only complaint is that I wish the episodes were longer. 10/10 would recommend


Love this podcast! There’s a lot of interesting topics covered, and although I only listen to the paranormal episodes, there’s still so much to listen to. I really enjoy the comedy aspects of the show, and I like how the hosts are so honest about anything that deserves some skepticism. There is a lot of self promotion, but if you don’t want to listen to it then just skip through it.

Well done, interesting, succinct

These podcasts are the perfect length, well researched and very interesting. I subscribe to 60+ spooky podcasts, and Ghost Town is one of the only ones doing unique spooky topics. You won’t get the same old same old with Ghost Town. Highly recommend.

Fine wine

You can run the streets with your thugs I’ll be waiting for you while listening to this podcast until the cows come home I will be a listener

Satisfied not full

Sometimes I just need...a little something. Ghost Town Pod is my go-to when I want to be interested, laugh, think a little but not have to invest 4 hours or need a mental break from baby Murder and societal decay. Ghost town pod won’t shy away from baby Murder or societal decay, but it isn’t ALL about baby Murder or societal decay, and you’ll still find something to laugh about. Plus I feel like I could sit down and have a burrito with either host which is nice.

Loving it

The hosts are sweet and have a lovely communication style. I just happened to have watched that episode of Unsolved Mysteries! Loving it so far and I’m hooked 😍


I think its great. Rebecca needs to talk more about her dating life lol

This is the actual best.

I would 10/10 recommend this. i’m a super boring person and don’t hang out with anyone, so listening to podcasts is what i’ve been doing. this is the best one, the hosts are super funny and i love the stories they provide.<3

Very interesting!

Very interesting!


Spooky places and funny

Best podcast ever

Hey guys this is one of my favorite podcasts y’all make me feel better at work ofn


So good

Awesome show!

Love your show. So many great tips!

Horton & Lieb bring genuine humor and perspective to spooky and entertaining stories!

Easily the best podcast in the genre, in my opinion. Banter between y’all is so funny I’ll forget what the episode is even about. Genuine humor and originality mixed with amazing stories, 100% binge worthy. Miss the hilarious date stories from early days, and I weep anytime “bonus episodes” is said and I don’t hear “BONIES”. On a serious note, my absolute favorite part is 👍

Great Podcast!

The host are wonderful, have a great dynamic, and are super funny. I love Rebecca and Jason they are great hosts and are very engaged with their community. If you like And That’s Why We Drink or My Favorite Murder but you want more bite sized episodes this is the podcast for you! I’d love to see them cover the Baker hotel in Mineral Wells TX!


Was browsing new podcasts, found this one, it’s amazing! Already listened to a bunch of episodes and look forward to each new one. You guys are great!!

Adorable and Amazing

Love you both! Thanks for a fun, engaging, and informative podcast!

Five stars!

The hosts are funny and the stories are intriguing I suggest you listen :)


These hosts are well spoken and have very interesting content. I’m a real history podcast snob and I’m all in!


I’ve listen to this podcast for a few month and I finally decided to leave Spotify and get Apple podcast to leave a review 😅. Anyways I love this podcast as well as the hosts! I listen to Ghost Town every time I work. The frequent and constant uploads make sure I never run out of podcasts to listen to! I hope Rebecca and Jason continue to be themselves despite those who tell them not to this podcast wouldn’t be the same without their personalities :)

Super Interesting

Stumbled upon this Ghost Town and found the stories so interesting! Each episode is a dive into a new strange and unknown world of entertainment and conspiracy theory. Also, I too am curious if the cinnamon rolls in the Cave of Pan episode are homemade and what the recipie is... just saying!

Light, airy and entertaining.

Found this podcast by recommendation from Notorious Narratives, if memory serves. I especially like the GT Fails. GT is a light and entertaining podcast that is refreshing to listen to. Also, lemme back up, to the Cave of Pan/ Daevalis Cave episode.......them cinnamon rolls, homemade? If so, please share the recipe. If store bought, I guess I’m SOL with this pandemic going on. Stay safe and keep it up.


I really like this podcasts because they are awesome unabridged and unafraid to share the truth. Many will hate this show but sometimes we have to go outside the mainstream media to hear the truth.