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Quirky short stories

I love how much Rebecca “Killdozer” Loeb interrupts Jason Horton. The hosts are mellow and don’t take themselves too seriously. They cover geographical and historical quirky stories with humor. I especially love when they read their one-star reviews.


I love this stuff.

Great topics

Jason and Rebecca do a great job covering all the weird topics you’re familiar with. BUT they’ve also done a great job bringing tales, Cryptids, folklore and mysteries I’ve never heard of. Ps production values are high. No muffled unclear audio karate

Literally my favorite

You guys do such an amazing job and your check ins add an extra flare that I haven’t found in other podcast. Everything about this podcast is awesome, keep up the amazing work guys. <3

Short and sweet

I like how it provides just enough info to give you the gist of the story, but not so much detail that you lose interest. It’s perfect for learning fun facts and hear stories you never heard about before. Love this podcast

This podcast makes me happy on the reg!

I’m in the midst of major binge sessions of this podcast and every episode really delivers the goods! The banter between Jason and Rebecca is hilarious and their personalities are so down to earth, you feel like you know them. I’ve listened to many true crime, paranormal etc podcasts but Ghost Town is my favorite and here’s why: When explaining the backstory of a true crime, they don’t “revel in the awful” the way far too many podcasts do which would leave me feeling gross. Instead, they explain the details, and they convey the appropriate emotion about the backstory. They keep it human, and I appreciate that. I love the weird history stories like the Deadly Molasses Flood of 1919. Absolutely fascinating! And I live for the fact that Jason and Rebecca bring back all the pop culture fads of the past like the Cola Wars, Wendy’s Superbar and old amusement parks. Finally, I’m a new patron to the Ghost Town Patreon and even though I don’t have to “listen to the chit chat” I choose to! Chit chat is part of what keeps me coming back. In fact, this Patron thinks Rebecca’s dating stories should be special content on Patreon. Please keep making the good stuff!

Great podcast!

I love this podcast and really don’t understand the negative reviews. People are wayyy too critical. Keep up the great work Rebecca and Jason! more people need to listen!!

Hello how are you

3 out of 5 stars wouldn’t change a thing. I wonder if Jason’s wife is cool with him recording a show with a vixen?


Need I say more?

Love It!

Love this podcast. The topics are interesting and thought provoking, and the hosts have pleasant voices. I personally enjoy the added banter. I’m interested in what Rebecca and Jason have to say! Overall, a great podcast!

Love it!!

I’m late to getting into this podcast sand I hope they continue!! Jason and Rebecca feel like two old friends and I love their dynamic, the comedy and of course their content they throw in! Please don’t stop!! 💜

Love it!

I love this Podcast! I look forward to it every day!


Best podcast I’ve listened to. Love you!


By far the best podcast available

The best

I love everything about this show!

Love this!!

This podcast is great

One of the best!

I have been listening to this.

A favorite!

I don’t understand all the hate for this podcast. They cover interesting stories, a lot of them are things I’ve never heard of. Give them a chance!!


Give them a shot! You will get hooked. Can’t get enough so I joined Patreon :)


At first I was like “meh, these guys are okay,” but it didn’t take me long to get hooked. You will grow to love the hosts and their chemistry with each other. When I listen, I feel like just 3 friends (Jason, Rebecca, and myself) discussing weird tales. My favorites are the creepy internet things! Keep up the good work guys! Can’t get enough so I joined Patreon :)

America needs Ghost Town more than ever.

Not only does it provide 100% of your daily interesting factoids, but it gives it to you alongside fun and funny interplay that is not to be missed. Also, they love LA as much as I do

Love it!!

I love your reference of cats 😅😉 I absolutely love your podcasts. I listen to it everywhere… shower, work, long drives, walks. I love it! 😊😊😊

Love It!

Love this podcast. The topics are interesting and thought provoking, the hosts have pleasant voices. Overall, a great podcast!


At first I was like “meh, these guys are okay,” but it didn’t take me long to get hooked. You will grow to love the hosts and their chemistry with each other. When I listen, I feel like just 3 friends (Jason, Rebecca, and myself) discussing weird tales. My favorites are the creepy internet things! Keep up the good work guys!

Ignore the Trolls

I look forward to every new episode. Don’t change the format regardless of what the trolls post! You two are so different; tell us how you got together for this podcast.

My favorite podcast!!!

Rebecca and Jason cause me to laugh out loud! Their banter is so witty and intelligent and the podcast idea unique and fun. The bad reviews baffle me but that must be what keeps them so down to earth. This is my favorite podcast and has been for a while.

I feel fantastic! ;)

So glad I found this gem of a podcast! Listened as I went to sleep last night and had the most delightfully bizarre dreams. I’m late to the game but now I can binge!

Great podcast

I love the interesting topic choices and personal anecdotes especially. Never seen such a unique format for podcasts. 5 stars

Excellent hosts & topics

I love this podcast. Maybe it’s partly because I’m from New Jersey that I appreciate the sardonic & no-nonsense approach, & tbh I really want to be friends with the hosts. Anyway, I’m a SEASONED lover of all things paranormal, unexplained & historical—I subscribe to Weird NJ as well as other Weird History/Topics publications & there is rarely a podcast out there that presents topics I’m unfamiliar with—yet, Ghost Town manages to do it almost every week. The hosts are often the very first to present stories & topics that other podcasts will later pick up on, sometimes years in advance. I love the banter, and actually fast forward to listen to the reviews first before going back and finishing the episode. It’s funny, fascinating and definitely more entertaining than Lore.

5 stars for your apple reviews!

I give your reading of your apple reviews 5 stars!!! It may be worth mentioning that I love your podcast as well, and I enjoy whatever combination of storyline + conversation you present each week. I think you have a galvanized dynamic between the two of you. Big Fan y’all!

Factual and Fun!

I enjoy listening to Jason and Rebecca each week as they tell us about true crime or relevant strange and unusual true stories. I often hear cases I have not already heard on other true crime podcasts which I think is important to the victims and the victim’s family. I also enjoy the light hearted banter that makes me laugh out loud! The humor is never at the expense of any victims. I hope this podcast has many long years ahead!

Yeah Babey!

I started listening to Ghost Town around two years ago, and it’s quickly become my go-to podcast. Rebecca and Jason have a rare creative chemistry that, combined with well-researched and interesting topics, makes for a show that’s both entertaining and relaxing. I like a little comic relief with my spooky, and these two definitely deliver. They cover stories that are a little more obscure than what I see a lot of other podcasts doing, and the banter is pleasant and lighthearted. Definitely give Ghost Town a listen!

Topics you've never heard of

They do a great variety of weirdness and they make a lot of content. The hosts are funny and likeable. They make the middle break feel like catching up with friends. This is one of my favorite podcasts. It makes my Wednesdays and Fridays better.

Great voice

Just lover her voice when she reads the stories. That accent is just sexy. Love Jesse

Interesting, weird history, solid podcast.

This is a good podcast that’s like listening to friends. Ignore the pompous haters. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to listen.... just move on. Just like I don’t like chocolate cake, so I don’t eat it...I just move on. If you don’t like the chit chat, then hit your fast forward button. Keep up the good work. Rebecca, keep cursing and dropping F bombs! Thanks for telling the weird history that I would never know about.

Love this show

Really don’t understand the hate in some of the reviews. This is a fantastic show. Bingeing it got me through quarantine and 2020. Love the hosts! I especially miss Rebecca’s dating stories! My only complaint is the mispronunciation of Hungarian names, but I honestly think that says more about me than them haha. Give it a listen! You won’t be disappointed.


An acquired taste. Jason is a little Woody Allenesque (without the creepy pedo vibe). Hang in there for a few episodes, it’s worth your time. Also, how do you not love people who advocate soda and cigarettes for breakfast? Seriously. Keep up the good work.

Interesting Topics

Came for the weird history stayed for the chitchat! Don’t listen to the haters keep chatting.

Mystery history rules

Jason Horton & Rebecca Leib have some awesome spin on history

Amazing new addiction

Binged all the free episodes and I was so addicted I went to Patreon for the bonies for my the back and forth with the hosts, keep it up

Not crazy over Psychic

Love your podcast! I really enjoyed your Janis Joplin 3 part episodes. As being a paranormal Investigator for 37 years and live with a Psychic Detective and who works with Law Enforcement on cold cases and missing person with her gift. The Psychic that you used in the room that Janis stayed in was a joke. You needed to bring someone in who knows what they were doing

Cool takes on weird topics

This show has a lot of strange topics, which is awesome, covered by two fun hosts. Really enjoy their takes on these stories, and they play well off each other. Keep it up Jason and Rebecca! Ps listen to the Warzone Wrestling Podcast. It’s nothing like this, but we’re new and want our name out there!

Love these two!

I really enjoy this podcast! They cover some very interesting topics, and I love their banter. They seem like good friends and make you feel welcome and like you’re part of the conversation. They are very inviting. I would like to see more true ghost stories, but all of the content is fascinating. Thank you for the entertaining podcast, and please keep them coming! Blessings...

Solid podcast

My fiancée, the Governor, introduced me to this podcast and I like it a lot. It covers obscure cases and stories I would never have heard of and is highly entertaining. I look forward to every new episode to see what new surprise will be in store for me.

Great show but too many ads

The show is great but for some episodes especially the minisodes more time is spent on ads that on the content. Maybe balance it a bit more. All about you guys securing the bag but don’t have 3 min of an 8 min episode be all ads

Interesting topics

I’m currently bingeing; there are a lot of great topics covered. I like the hosts and find them funny. I enjoy hearing some personal stories and banter as I’m learning something. Definitely give it a try!

Great Podcast!

Rebecca and Jason are not only informative, but hilarious. Their friendship and banter (which I enjoy and wish there was more of), along with the awesome content makes this podcast a favorite of mine. Thanks and keep up the good work you two!


I love the banter. But I miss hearing about Rebecca’s dating life. If I didn’t have an awesome wife and steady job I would fly to La to take her on a mediocre Perhaps borderline forgettable date. A man can dream 🤷🏼‍♂️

Please don’t change a thing

I enjoy this podcast very much, and I hope you’ll both ignore all negative feedback because you do an excellent job! I don’t normally write reviews, but felt I needed to counter the negative stuff from folks who’ve probably never put together an audio production and are getting this great content for absolutely free. Please keep up the great work!

Has Improved a Great Deal

I have to admit that I almost gave up on Ghost Town after trying to listen to the early episodes. The Janis Joplin episodes are especially painful, lots of Jason stammering and no content, but new episodes are great! I love Rebecca and Jason's discussions. Their sense of humor is so dry that it's easy to miss some of their jokes. The shows are L.A. centric and it makes me want to revisit the city, this time with Rebecca as my guide.


I listen to this podcast at work! So good!

I don't understand the hate

Obvi episodes in the beginning of a podcast are gonna be rocky. The show has really improved. We stan the hosts. They're funny and have good chemistry. Also they really don't do much banter like skip the little Midway chitchat break????

Improved!!! Give it another shot!

I tried listening to the older episodes awhile back and I felt there was a lot of off topic discussion. I gave it a try again because I never get tired of the Dyatlov Pass. The show is pretty great now, and seems to stay on track. Also, I learned of 2 topics that I’ve never heard on other pods, and that’s a feat in this day and age! I’m changing my review to reflect this new info. Hope this pod continues!


I’ve been listening to this podcast since late 2019 and they have gotten even better! I can listen to more information now and has even more interesting stories. Keep up the good work.

F the haters

I’ve listened to most of the back catalogue and really enjoy the true abandoned places and things, along with murder mysteries. I love the banter between you two, makes it seem like you’re not just reading facts off a paper... f the haters for not liking natural conversation. The last few episodes have been a little skippy and jumpy.. sometimes the same sentence repeated 3 or 4 times. Overall love the show!!

Love this podcast!

I really love your chemistry and storytelling format. It’s fun and I feel like I’m chilling with you. The stories are fascinating and I can’t get enough. Great job all around!!

Great podcast!

I love this podcast and really don’t understand the negative reviews. People are wayyy too critical. Keep up the great work Rebecca and Jason!


The stories are great, I just start to get annoyed when You spend more time complaining about reviews than the story you guys are talking about....

Love it

I love the new format where you do your chatting in the middle. Before when it was throughout I’d sometimes forget where you were in the story. Having it this way makes it so much easier to enjoy it. Love your work, keep it up!

Fun and approachable darkness

Jason and Rebecca have a fun, well informed and approachable take to some really dark and sometimes lighthearted topics. The banter back and forth makes you feel like you’re just hanging out with a couple of friends. It’s worth a listen or quite a few… hint hint binge the archives!

One of the best

Is this the best podcast in the world? No. Is it close? Yes. Rebecca and Jason are fantastic. They cover interesting and entertaining stories and they are authentic and funny along the way. I was super lucky to have Rebecca as a guest on my podcast (Choose Your Struggle) and I can tell you she's as authentic and honest in interview settings as she is on her show. I reccomend Ghost Town probably two or three times a week. It's truly wonderful. Never change. Either of you. You're wonderful the way you are.

I like it but...

I love the storytelling, but I don’t like how you chat and advertise in the middle of the episode. If you stopped or did less of that, I would give it five stars. I understand that it hurts when you get a bad comment, but I feel you are not taking the advice behind the rudeness. I feel that you are ignoring any and all constructive criticism, and that is why you are GETTING the bad reviews. If you begin taking the steps to do this, you will have less bad comments, and more five star reviews. -TacoKitty13


Great podcast for easy listening! Love the down-to-earth format, less of a serious factual vibe than other podcasts. This is something I can lie down and relax to which is great, especially when times are so stressful! People asking for less ads and chatting (the ads help them make money so unless you’re paying you really don’t have the right to complain, and the chatting is a part of their style???) It’s an overall great show that I truly don’t think deserves all the hate! Keep up the good work guys!

My favorite podcast!!

Absolutely love this podcast. I’ve never wrote a review before, but I had to stop and write one for this. I do a lot of driving and this podcast has been a lifesaver! Jason and Rebecca keep me entertained and educated! Listening is so much fun, and there is always a topic I’m interested in. Definitely worth a listen, or better yet, just subscribe!


One of the best podcasts I’ve found! Every story is interesting the of amount of research they put in is unbelievable they’ve made me a lifelong listener for sure!

Ghost Town is Story Worthy

I heard Jason interviewed on StoryWorthy by Christine Blackburn and I had to check out Ghost Town. I liked it I was pulled in. The format is a great way to learn more about stories I was unfamiliar with... I don’t read Rolling Stone or watch 48 Hours or have Reddit so I’m glad to learn these stories that are intriguing and disturbing.


One of my favorite podcasts.

Great lighthearted listen

Ghost Town is one of my favorite shows. They cover fun, weird stuff while still staying lighthearted overall. They don’t take themselves too seriously, their chitchat is fun, and it’s been a fun journey listening to their improvement over time. Definitely worth spending a few hours to binge!

Interesting Stories

Love the podcast, interesting stories and lots of laughs.

Binged over a flight to Hawaii

Read a some reviews saying rather unkind things, so I wasn’t expecting much but I found myself seriously entertained over a very long flight.


I have to say I have been listening for the last week and binging on all the episodes. There is been a lot of pleasant surprises and unusual episodes that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Thank you so much for the entertainment and diversion from my regular life.

Addicted and it might be a problem.

I tried this podcast after I saw it under suggested podcasts for Stuff You Should Know’s Taliesn Massacre episode. One episode soon became three and three episodes soon became thirteen and so forth. It is similar in many ways to another beloved podcast focused on the bizarre (pun intended) The Untold Hour w/ Jess and Bowser. However while the former is a mixture of ghost stories, interviews, spooky new, horror movie discussion, true crime and fun personal stories ..this podcast has shorter episodes with more of a focus on haunted locations and locations with dark history like Atlas Obscura. I also love California’s history; it is the only place on my bucket list. I just wish the one true haunted place in Harford County, Maryland; Perryman’s Mansion, hadn’t been demolished. On a personal note I struggle with depression and your episodes along with songwriting and illustrating are extremely therapeutic. I can’t wait to have my new 90’s Nickelodeon concept album out next year via Distrokid and I can think of no better way to promote it than to join the 25$ Patreon; because half the profits (if I get any) from streams and purchases will go to the Make A Wish Foundation..not to mention I’ll get access to the “bony’s”. I thoroughly enjoy it and cannot recommend it enough.

Love it, hate it, want more of it

I love the topics! they cover really interesting, creepy, and skin-crawling topics. Their ad and ‘check-in’ breaks are very annoying, but effective at making me want to sign up for to skip the ads. If you don’t want to do that, just fast-forward through the commercial breaks.

Topics are great!

Love the topics they cover, but I wish they’d stay on topic and it seems the woman will interrupt the man with “okay” “yes” “uh huh” etc. A lot! Other than this I really like it and hope they cover more with staying on topic.

New Listener

I’m new to the podcast and really most of what I have heard so far. Thanks for helping the time fly by while my daughter is doing school work and work around the house. Would more info on the Jonbenet Ramsey email. Thanks Scott


Well, I listened to almost every episode over the last week, and thought it would be kind of rude not to donate, but it was worth every penny and then some. I don’t think you guys need to change anything. I like the talking and have the same sense of humor so it just feels like I’m with my friends except I don’t add anything to the conversation haha. I mean, in my head I am and you guys think I’m hilarious so it’s working out this way. I know life is busy so I appreciate you two doing all the work that goes into the show.

Great Podcast

I love this podcast and the topics that they talk about. However, they talk a lot and that can take away from the subject


Rebecca come live with us. We have plenty of deep fried cheese based foods,ciggys and Diet Coke. you can have them whenever you want. Even after 8pm. That’s my hard sell.

Great podcast!

I love this show. Jason and Rebecca are articulate and entertaining, and I appreciate the research that goes into every episode. By having episodes to look forward to, they have helped me maintain my sanity during this crazy time.

Length is this shows friend

Enjoy the show and chemistry with hosts is on point, and it’s gotten so much better since the beginning. The longer the episodes the better for me, but I do appreciate getting a second short episode at the end of the week. I came back to edit my review because again it’s gotten so much better in my opinion and a lot of that seems to be from them taking listener feedback. Two thumbs up. Would recommend.

12 Minutes ...

... First episode I’ve ever listened to of Ghost Town and you had me with a subscription and 5 stars at about 12 ish minutes in to the Action Park show. Happy to have discovered y’all!

Fun to listen too!

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s not super serious and I enjoy the banter. Give it a shot!


Listening to this podcast is like sitting around with your best friends telling stories. Jason and Rebecca are great story tellers and their quick wit is hilarious. My only complaint is that I wish the episodes were longer. 10/10 would recommend


Love this podcast! There’s a lot of interesting topics covered, and although I only listen to the paranormal episodes, there’s still so much to listen to. I really enjoy the comedy aspects of the show, and I like how the hosts are so honest about anything that deserves some skepticism. There is a lot of self promotion, but if you don’t want to listen to it then just skip through it.

Well done, interesting, succinct

These podcasts are the perfect length, well researched and very interesting. I subscribe to 60+ spooky podcasts, and Ghost Town is one of the only ones doing unique spooky topics. You won’t get the same old same old with Ghost Town. Highly recommend.

Fine wine

You can run the streets with your thugs I’ll be waiting for you while listening to this podcast until the cows come home I will be a listener

Satisfied not full

Sometimes I just need...a little something. Ghost Town Pod is my go-to when I want to be interested, laugh, think a little but not have to invest 4 hours or need a mental break from baby Murder and societal decay. Ghost town pod won’t shy away from baby Murder or societal decay, but it isn’t ALL about baby Murder or societal decay, and you’ll still find something to laugh about. Plus I feel like I could sit down and have a burrito with either host which is nice.

Loving it

The hosts are sweet and have a lovely communication style. I just happened to have watched that episode of Unsolved Mysteries! Loving it so far and I’m hooked 😍


I think its great. Rebecca needs to talk more about her dating life lol

This is the actual best.

I would 10/10 recommend this. i’m a super boring person and don’t hang out with anyone, so listening to podcasts is what i’ve been doing. this is the best one, the hosts are super funny and i love the stories they provide.<3

Very interesting!

Very interesting!


Spooky places and funny

Best podcast ever

Hey guys this is one of my favorite podcasts y’all make me feel better at work ofn


So good

Awesome show!

Love your show. So many great tips!

Horton & Lieb bring genuine humor and perspective to spooky and entertaining stories!

Easily the best podcast in the genre, in my opinion. Banter between y’all is so funny I’ll forget what the episode is even about. Genuine humor and originality mixed with amazing stories, 100% binge worthy. Miss the hilarious date stories from early days, and I weep anytime “bonus episodes” is said and I don’t hear “BONIES”. On a serious note, my absolute favorite part is 👍

Great Podcast!

The host are wonderful, have a great dynamic, and are super funny. I love Rebecca and Jason they are great hosts and are very engaged with their community. If you like And That’s Why We Drink or My Favorite Murder but you want more bite sized episodes this is the podcast for you! I’d love to see them cover the Baker hotel in Mineral Wells TX!


Was browsing new podcasts, found this one, it’s amazing! Already listened to a bunch of episodes and look forward to each new one. You guys are great!!

Adorable and Amazing

Love you both! Thanks for a fun, engaging, and informative podcast!

Five stars!

The hosts are funny and the stories are intriguing I suggest you listen :)


These hosts are well spoken and have very interesting content. I’m a real history podcast snob and I’m all in!


I’ve listen to this podcast for a few month and I finally decided to leave Spotify and get Apple podcast to leave a review 😅. Anyways I love this podcast as well as the hosts! I listen to Ghost Town every time I work. The frequent and constant uploads make sure I never run out of podcasts to listen to! I hope Rebecca and Jason continue to be themselves despite those who tell them not to this podcast wouldn’t be the same without their personalities :)

Super Interesting

Stumbled upon this Ghost Town and found the stories so interesting! Each episode is a dive into a new strange and unknown world of entertainment and conspiracy theory. Also, I too am curious if the cinnamon rolls in the Cave of Pan episode are homemade and what the recipie is... just saying!

Light, airy and entertaining.

Found this podcast by recommendation from Notorious Narratives, if memory serves. I especially like the GT Fails. GT is a light and entertaining podcast that is refreshing to listen to. Also, lemme back up, to the Cave of Pan/ Daevalis Cave episode.......them cinnamon rolls, homemade? If so, please share the recipe. If store bought, I guess I’m SOL with this pandemic going on. Stay safe and keep it up.


I really like this podcasts because they are awesome unabridged and unafraid to share the truth. Many will hate this show but sometimes we have to go outside the mainstream media to hear the truth.

not just another true crime ‘cast

there are a LOT of podcasts, but none that have the banter between these two in addition to the crime bites everyone craves nowadays

Not for me

This podcast focuses too much on humor than facts. I feel like the guy tries to continue the story and the woman keeps interrupting him for “humorous” comments. At the end of each episode, I’m left with confusion. What were the actual facts vs the comedy remarks? In addition, try adding the sponsorship at the beginning or ending of the podcast. When you tell a scary story, you are creating an atmosphere of mystery. Please for the love of, don’t pause it and say... “oh yea, we are sponsored by...” so annoying 😒

This is GOLD

This podcast keeps me captivated and eager for new episodes. They keep it uplifting with the humor unlike some true crime podcasts were it’s all like dark and death like. I am obsessed!!!

always different, always interesting!

Just when you think everything paranormal/esoteric has been covered, they find another. Over and over, and never not worth it. They’ve been a great addition to my rotation!


When I found this podcast I assumed it was about ghost stories only. Much to my surprise and joy, it includes all things that are no more. I love the subject matter and the hosts are have great chemistry! Keep it up! Love it!

Always Fun, often surprising.

I love the interesting topics that the adorable Rebecca and Jason choose to discuss and giggle about like they’re a couple of adolescents (although this does not detract from the intelligent, well-researched info they share). Listening to this podcast would be like hanging out with my friends if they knew more cool stuff to tell me about. Always fun, and often surprisingly educational. Thanks for the laughs and new trivia for me to devour!

One of the best!

This podcast is awesome!! I recently found this podcast and I must say each episode gets better and better. Thanks for putting out great content. YALL ROCK! 😊

Great topics and great banter

Love this show! Topics are great, creepy, sppoky, and all of the places I would like to visit. I LOVE the hosts as they feel like friends, and their banter keeps me laughing. You both feel like friends i have never met. Thank you and please keep doing what you are doing! <3

I’m into it 👌🏼

To be completely honest I started this podcast once and just wasn’t feeling it.. then I gave it another try and I can’t stop listening! You guys vibe so well and your humor is spot on with mine. The topics, delivery, humor, the convos.. and two a week.. ya can’t beat it haha. Also love the way you pitch your patreon lol

Good listen

Keep up the good work. In a world where everyone thinks they are the all knowing podcast authority. It is nice to listen to a show with two normal (maybe) people just like you (also maybe) talking about things you like.

Great and funny

I came across this show while hearing another podcast. I instantly got hooked with their sense of humor. Jason and Rebecca you guys are hilarious. Rebecca don’t stop the f bombs

Always Entertaining

A highly entertaining podcast covering a wide array of spooky/creepy/true crime stories. It’s a great listen that I have added to my routine while working, sitting in traffic, or walking the dog.

Glad I stumbled upon this

I love the concept of focusing on places. What, by the way, is more inherently creepy than thinking about abandoned places?? ( The Shining anyone?) I really like hosts, their banter is legitimately entertaining and they work really well together.

One of my favorites

I love this podcast. Jason and Rebecca are so down to earth and relatable. I love the banter and the wide range of topics they cover. Especially any NJ based mysteries.

I came around to it

Took me a little bit to adjust to the format, but I enjoy the spooky tid bits. The Friday fails are an especially fun short-listen. Fun podcast!

Great Podcast for an aspiring Forensic Major

I stumbled upon this podcast a while back. I listened to the podcast very little, until the Woodstock 99 episode. I am now absolutely hooked, because of the historical aspect of Woodstock (and being raised on Classic Rock) and the commentary on the crimes.

This show is a gem!

I don't know what some of the bad reviewers consider a good podcast, you can find a thousand that are strictly about hauntings but this show is so cool and unique I think it will get even more popular in the future. If you have a bit of a dark sense of humor and love anything about dark history, abandoned buildings, hollywood lore etc. these are your peeps. I also love the mini "fail" episodes about random weird blips in history that didn't go so well. Keep it up guys! ;)

Diggin it

Always looking for spooky dope podcasts. As someone who does a lot of traveling to weird and/or spooky places it’s nice to have some new recommendations. Also as a native NYer and someone who grew up in the punk scene in the 90s I love the personal stories and any and all NY and music related content. I find both hosts funny and genuine. I don’t get all the rude negative reviews like this is clearly a mix of comedy and spooky/weird/true crime stuff. It’s not meant to be endless dry factoids. Let folks live. If you don’t like it you can listen to something else, it’s that easy, without being rude about it.


Love this show. always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes

Likeable Hosts and great Content!!

The content is interesting and entertaining. The hosts are funny and I appreciate how engaging they make each episode. NOT DISAPPOINTED ;) !!

Awesome Show!!!

Love the variety of topics and the chemistry of the hosts is perfect.


I listen to GTP while I’m working my 11 hour shift. Honestly thank you two for keeping me entertained and intrigued. I listened to every true crime podcast there is but THIS one kept my attention. I love that y’all mixed the abandoned places, ghosts, and true crime in one podcast. Great work! Will join your Patreon soon.

Scaredy Cat

I love this podcast. I’m way too scared to visit any of these places myself, even in the daytime, so this is the safest way for me to get a feel for so many of these interesting places without having to pee my pants.


Love this podcast! It’s both funny and little creepy - it touches on so many interesting places and stories. I can’t wait to hear more!


Amazing spooky podcast with fun and energetic hosts! Wish the episodes were a touch longer and more details, but that just because I love it so much! Keep up the great work guys!

Empowered and Informed!

I immediately recommended this podcast to my loved ones after listening to all of the available episodes. The host breaks down concepts that are intimidating and makes me feel like I can really make personal change.


honestly love the dynamic and feel to the podcast! esp since it feeds into my love for true crime, some haunts as well as abandoned places and touches on so much history that like. it really is the ideal podcast. also i lost it when rebecca said bonies KDJDKS


i can’t speak high enough about this podcast!! the hosts are hilarious and responded super kindly about my feedback. i binged the entire thing without getting annoyed with the hosts (which happens to me often when i binge an entire podcast) 12/10

must hear

These two are hilarious no matter what topic they take on. And their banter is instant good company.

Not bad

This podcast isn’t bad. I like Jason’s sense of humor. I wish the podcasts were longer though. I also hate that ad they play every episode. I know they can’t control the music on the ad, but i can’t stand it.

Wow this is good

I mean, if you don’t listen to this podcast, I think that might be clinically insane, I think that might be the definition. This podcast is riveting, and Rebecca’s voice is reminiscent of a really sweet, innocent ghost. So, it works.

Wow Rebecca stole my heart

The podcast is amazing and I’m hooked! Love every episode. Thank you for my new obsession (this show and REBECCA! What a star!!!)!

I love Ghost Town!!

Rebecca is a queen, this is a MUST LISTEN!!

funny + spooky!

I must admit that I'm NOT a person who loves true crime stuff, normally. I got 2 pages into "I'll Be Gone in the Dark" and I had to stop--I found it too dark and scary. That said, Ghost Town is a podcast I love because Rebecca and Jason temper the macabre stories with hilarious jokes, genuine insights, and charming playfulness.

New favorite podcast

Ghost Town has become my favorite new podcast! I love the hosts, Jason and Rebecca and I am obsessed with the subject matter!

Good podcast considering Jason is a child of divorce

There are so many of these “comedy” podcasts that revolve around disasters, murders, and unsolved crimes. Finding the balance between humor and being respectful of those who suffered is hard and I feel that these two do a good job with that challenge. The jokes rarely involve the victims of the crimes and the crimes themselves which I appreciate. They make me laugh and I enjoy listening to them.


I love abandoned places, history, mystery, and paranormal subjects. True crime is fun, too. The combination of all those things plus the enjoyable banter and personal perspectives (as well as stories) of the hosts Rebecca Leib & Jason Horton make this one of my favorites podcasts. I'd recommend this to add to your regular listening rotation. 8-)

Hilarious, Quick Moving Occult/True Crime Podcast

Just finished listening to The Black House episode, and I'm hooked. Can't wait to dive into the catalogue. Excited to have a new occult/true crime/conspiracy podcast to add to my rotation.

My favorite podcast!

The hosts are hilarious, the subjects are extremely interesting, and I could listen forever.

My favorite podcast!

I absolutely love Ghost Town. The chemistry between the hosts is great, and their personalities go together perfectly. This podcast sets all the information up in a way that is very easy to understand, but at the same time they mention details that make the stories 1000x more interesting. I absolutely recommend them! :)

Amazing podcast

Real yellow bricks that’s all you need to know. In all seriousness amazing podcast Jason and Rebecca make history fun and spooky like what else do you need, I 100% recommend you give this podcast a chance. (From Luz using her boyfriends IPhone)

Ghost town pod

This podcast is pretty great, the hosts are funny and informative. And I personally don’t mind Rebecca’s potty mouth.


At first I thought this would be scary but the Friday fails are hilarious! I find Rebecca’s voice so soothing and gentle!

Funny take on true crime

I love every episode that Rebecca does! They are both so funny and this podcast is a great way to listen to true crime/ conspiracy without getting creeped out.

My favorite podcast to listen to when I need a mood boost!

I don’t remember how I stumbled on Ghost Town, but I’m so glad I did - I even joined Patreon JUST to support them, that’s how much I enjoy the show and want them to succeed! Jason and Rebecca are L.A. based comedians and friends, and they play off each other so well. They’re approachable and feel like they could be my friends - if I had friends that were funny enough to get paid for it! I find the assortment of topics they cover both interesting and varied. The only downside is I often find myself wishing the episodes were longer, which I know others have mentioned too. Hope you give Ghost Town a shot if you’re a fan of the podcast And That’s Why We Drink, abandoned places, local lore, offbeat history, and travel. Jason and Rebecca, you get 5 all the stars, now come to Chicago!

Fun and — Bonus! — Interesting

The hosts have great chemistry and the topics they broach are engaging. If you like Oh No Ross and Carrie and/or This Paranormal Life, you’ll be right at home in Ghost Town.

Okay people, come on!

Just started listing to Ghost Town and it makes me giggle out loud. All those nay sayers need to chill and not take everything so seriously. I love true crime but some podcasts make it so boring, it’s fun to have a podcast that lightens it up and makes it feel like you are hanging with friends.

Rebecca is hilarious

I love how her brain works, always look forward to new episodes!

5 stars babbyyyyyy

This is a good podcast for when you want to listen about creepy places or events without having to hear about every single detail about the place or incident being reviewed. They touch on the main key points of the event and make it fun and intriguing to listen too. Can’t wait for more!

Hey! Let them speak! I was born too late!

I was born in 95 but I absolutely love to hear these two hilarious people talk about the 80’s and 90’s! I love history especially personal history from then because honestly, I was born wayyyy too late! It’s their podcast and some of us love it as is. How bout you give 3 stars and some constructive criticism rather than one star them and trash them. But for real I love the creepy, historic, and fascinating places and the funny jabs you two like to add! P.S. I cus like a sailor so don’t let the trash people tell you that you can’t.

Youz guyz are the top!

Whoever disagreez with meez iz itchin' for a fight! Actually I'm a 65 yo sophisticated white guy trying to up his street cred. Thank you for your excellent information on True Crime and the Supernatural!

Funny Spooky

Heard about the show when they were featured on Dark 5. Talking about creepy stuff with some laughs thrown in there is something I’m into...keep it up guys

Fun, fun, fun!!!

It feels like I’m sitting right there with you guys having a great time! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the show. My only dislike is it’s not long enough! Thanks for making me smile, guys. Keep it up.

Fantastic Pod!

Great topic selection, super fun premise, and great execution! Give it a listen!

All in One

Silky smooth voices, brilliant minds, funny AND creepy haunted and abandoned places ghost stories?!?! What more could you want? This podcast has it all....and more. (Melissa from Just The Tip-Sters podcast)

Love This Pod!

Love this podcast! Rebecca and Jason are such great hosts, a great mix of laughs and spookiness!! 👻 🏠

Everyone buried in waste land

Abandoned and creepy places are right down my alley. Malls, amusement parks... something about their being abandoned fascinates me. The hosts are funny and cool, just how I want to be when I grow up. Hive mind, please listen to this show.


And Rebecca's voice is extremely sexy.

Love this cast

If you want to know if Janis Joplin lives on or where the best haunted spots are in LA and beyond, this is your cast! Jason and Rebecca are also a delight!

All about ghost town

This is always so good this is different then all of the other podcasts I listen to Thanks for the amazing podcast keep up the amazing work

Love this podcast!

Hilarious and great to listen to on the go! KEEP THE EPISODES COMING! love them!

Podcast to my ears

This podcast is always a great listen!

Great show!

Love hearing about strange places like this! Going to make a list of spots to visit from the show. Check it out!

Keep Crushin It!

Love the Podcast! Love the creepy nature and love the hosts! Keep it going! Cheers! The Crooked Cousins

Tony the movie guy

Spooky ghost stories are totally up my ally especially having grown up in England in many very old and haunted houses! I live in La now so several of these stories hit very close to home. Spooky and fascinating stuff!

A Great Listen!

For a great time listening to a mysterious, creepy but enjoyable podcast then look no further as the hosts while describing these various stories do so with a candor that's refreshing and seem to be having a lot of fun in doing it. Cannot wait for the next episode!

Great Podcast

Well done podcast, love the dynamic of the two hosts and the stories they tell.

New Favorite Podcast!!!

Love this show! Horton and Leib are the perfect duo to bring the scary from a non-biased point of view. My new favorite podcast!!!

Spooky Talk

Listening to Ghost Town is like sitting in a booth the 101 Cafe eating sweet potato fries with your best comedy buds who happen to have some really interesting ghost stories. Jason and Rebecca deliver entertaining and mysterious tidbits in their engaging podcast.

The ghostly sojourn

This is a ride you won't forget. This comedy meets drama will take you there and back and back again. Where is there? Do yourself a favor and find out

My new fave true crime podcast!

Funny and creepy at the same time. Love it!

Spot on guys!

I love ghost stories...especially true ones.. That Los Feliz house is close to me... yikes!! Way to go Jason and Rebecca!

Scary History

Very interesting ghost stories about places you might have visited. Good storytelling from the funny Jason and Rebecca, keeping us on our toes and getting personal. Investigator comedians

Creepy and Fun

Rebecca and Jason are fun and enthusiastic as they go over haunted places. Their excitement is contagious! I wonder what happened to the Adderall. That's the biggest mystery.

Quality podcast!! Love the chemistry and enthusiasm.

Two awesome personalities that work so well together. Production quality is fantastic too. Can’t wait to hear more! 👻


Obsessed with this! And now I’m never leaving my house.

Ghost Town

If you’re like me and you love all thing abandoned, haunted, or otherwise creepy, you’ll love Ghost Town. Rebecca and Jason’s still is like going on a haunted journey with your funniest friends. LOVE.