Ghost Town

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I love this podcast. Maybe it’s partly because I’m from New Jersey that I appreciate the sardonic & no-nonsense approach, & tbh I really want to be friends with the hosts. Anyway, I’m a SEASONED lover of all things paranormal, unexplained & historical—I subscribe to Weird NJ as well as other Weird History/Topics publications & there is rarely a podcast out there that presents topics I’m unfamiliar with—yet, Ghost Town manages to do it almost every week. The hosts are often the very first to present stories & topics that other podcasts will later pick up on, sometimes years in advance. I love the banter, and actually fast forward to listen to the reviews first before going back and finishing the episode. It’s funny, fascinating and definitely more entertaining than Lore.

June 24, 2021 by clairep243 on Apple Podcasts

Ghost Town

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