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Love this!!

This podcast is great

One of the best!

I have been listening to this.

A favorite!

I don’t understand all the hate for this podcast. They cover interesting stories, a lot of them are things I’ve never heard of. Give them a chance!!


Give them a shot! You will get hooked. Can’t get enough so I joined Patreon :)


At first I was like “meh, these guys are okay,” but it didn’t take me long to get hooked. You will grow to love the hosts and their chemistry with each other. When I listen, I feel like just 3 friends (Jason, Rebecca, and myself) discussing weird tales. My favorites are the creepy internet things! Keep up the good work guys! Can’t get enough so I joined Patreon :)

America needs Ghost Town more than ever.

Not only does it provide 100% of your daily interesting factoids, but it gives it to you alongside fun and funny interplay that is not to be missed. Also, they love LA as much as I do

Love it!!

I love your reference of cats 😅😉 I absolutely love your podcasts. I listen to it everywhere… shower, work, long drives, walks. I love it! 😊😊😊

Love It!

Love this podcast. The topics are interesting and thought provoking, the hosts have pleasant voices. Overall, a great podcast!


At first I was like “meh, these guys are okay,” but it didn’t take me long to get hooked. You will grow to love the hosts and their chemistry with each other. When I listen, I feel like just 3 friends (Jason, Rebecca, and myself) discussing weird tales. My favorites are the creepy internet things! Keep up the good work guys!

Ignore the Trolls

I look forward to every new episode. Don’t change the format regardless of what the trolls post! You two are so different; tell us how you got together for this podcast.

My favorite podcast!!!

Rebecca and Jason cause me to laugh out loud! Their banter is so witty and intelligent and the podcast idea unique and fun. The bad reviews baffle me but that must be what keeps them so down to earth. This is my favorite podcast and has been for a while.

I feel fantastic! ;)

So glad I found this gem of a podcast! Listened as I went to sleep last night and had the most delightfully bizarre dreams. I’m late to the game but now I can binge!

Great podcast

I love the interesting topic choices and personal anecdotes especially. Never seen such a unique format for podcasts. 5 stars

Excellent hosts & topics

I love this podcast. Maybe it’s partly because I’m from New Jersey that I appreciate the sardonic & no-nonsense approach, & tbh I really want to be friends with the hosts. Anyway, I’m a SEASONED lover of all things paranormal, unexplained & historical—I subscribe to Weird NJ as well as other Weird History/Topics publications & there is rarely a podcast out there that presents topics I’m unfamiliar with—yet, Ghost Town manages to do it almost every week. The hosts are often the very first to present stories & topics that other podcasts will later pick up on, sometimes years in advance. I love the banter, and actually fast forward to listen to the reviews first before going back and finishing the episode. It’s funny, fascinating and definitely more entertaining than Lore.

5 stars for your apple reviews!

I give your reading of your apple reviews 5 stars!!! It may be worth mentioning that I love your podcast as well, and I enjoy whatever combination of storyline + conversation you present each week. I think you have a galvanized dynamic between the two of you. Big Fan y’all!

Factual and Fun!

I enjoy listening to Jason and Rebecca each week as they tell us about true crime or relevant strange and unusual true stories. I often hear cases I have not already heard on other true crime podcasts which I think is important to the victims and the victim’s family. I also enjoy the light hearted banter that makes me laugh out loud! The humor is never at the expense of any victims. I hope this podcast has many long years ahead!

Yeah Babey!

I started listening to Ghost Town around two years ago, and it’s quickly become my go-to podcast. Rebecca and Jason have a rare creative chemistry that, combined with well-researched and interesting topics, makes for a show that’s both entertaining and relaxing. I like a little comic relief with my spooky, and these two definitely deliver. They cover stories that are a little more obscure than what I see a lot of other podcasts doing, and the banter is pleasant and lighthearted. Definitely give Ghost Town a listen!

Topics you've never heard of

They do a great variety of weirdness and they make a lot of content. The hosts are funny and likeable. They make the middle break feel like catching up with friends. This is one of my favorite podcasts. It makes my Wednesdays and Fridays better.

Great voice

Just lover her voice when she reads the stories. That accent is just sexy. Love Jesse

Interesting, weird history, solid podcast.

This is a good podcast that’s like listening to friends. Ignore the pompous haters. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to listen.... just move on. Just like I don’t like chocolate cake, so I don’t eat it...I just move on. If you don’t like the chit chat, then hit your fast forward button. Keep up the good work. Rebecca, keep cursing and dropping F bombs! Thanks for telling the weird history that I would never know about.

Love this show

Really don’t understand the hate in some of the reviews. This is a fantastic show. Bingeing it got me through quarantine and 2020. Love the hosts! I especially miss Rebecca’s dating stories! My only complaint is the mispronunciation of Hungarian names, but I honestly think that says more about me than them haha. Give it a listen! You won’t be disappointed.


An acquired taste. Jason is a little Woody Allenesque (without the creepy pedo vibe). Hang in there for a few episodes, it’s worth your time. Also, how do you not love people who advocate soda and cigarettes for breakfast? Seriously. Keep up the good work.

Interesting Topics

Came for the weird history stayed for the chitchat! Don’t listen to the haters keep chatting.

Mystery history rules

Jason Horton & Rebecca Leib have some awesome spin on history

Amazing new addiction

Binged all the free episodes and I was so addicted I went to Patreon for the bonies for my the back and forth with the hosts, keep it up

Not crazy over Psychic

Love your podcast! I really enjoyed your Janis Joplin 3 part episodes. As being a paranormal Investigator for 37 years and live with a Psychic Detective and who works with Law Enforcement on cold cases and missing person with her gift. The Psychic that you used in the room that Janis stayed in was a joke. You needed to bring someone in who knows what they were doing

Cool takes on weird topics

This show has a lot of strange topics, which is awesome, covered by two fun hosts. Really enjoy their takes on these stories, and they play well off each other. Keep it up Jason and Rebecca! Ps listen to the Warzone Wrestling Podcast. It’s nothing like this, but we’re new and want our name out there!

Love these two!

I really enjoy this podcast! They cover some very interesting topics, and I love their banter. They seem like good friends and make you feel welcome and like you’re part of the conversation. They are very inviting. I would like to see more true ghost stories, but all of the content is fascinating. Thank you for the entertaining podcast, and please keep them coming! Blessings...

Solid podcast

My fiancée, the Governor, introduced me to this podcast and I like it a lot. It covers obscure cases and stories I would never have heard of and is highly entertaining. I look forward to every new episode to see what new surprise will be in store for me.

Great show but too many ads

The show is great but for some episodes especially the minisodes more time is spent on ads that on the content. Maybe balance it a bit more. All about you guys securing the bag but don’t have 3 min of an 8 min episode be all ads