Ghost Town

An instant obsession

It took me awhile to get into podcasts (grouchy elder millennial maybe? Who knows!). Ghost Town pod is only the 3rd podcast I’ve ever listened to and I AM OBSESSED. I was hooked by the name as a connoisseur of all things spooky but the variety of topics they cover is even more interesting than I could have imagined.

I’m currently on episode 106 (I’m listening via Sirius XM as a benefit of my subscription) and my husband makes fun of me saying I should just listen to the new episodes but I feel like it’s skipping chapters in a book, I can’t do it! I love hearing the evolution of the podcast from the beginning to now. I can’t wait to catch up!

I love the banter between Rebecca and Jason. I also have no idea how old Jason is because of his jokes about his age, he could be anywhere from 45 to 115.

I have recently become a Ghost Town Alderman via Patreon. I had to google what the word meant 😂 Please keep doing what you’re doing, don’t change a thing! Rebecca’s tendency to swear like a sailor and say “I’m from the midwest” cracks me up every time. Jason’s creative way of dropping Ghost Town pod on Patreon impresses me everytime.

Please come to NJ and investigate/cover White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro! Rich history and supposedly very haunted. We also have some strange and creepy unsolved mysteries like the Disappearance of William Ebeneezer Jones lll in 1962, and the Sigrid Stevenson story in 1977 and the Camden Sniper/Phantom Sniper in 1927/1928.

March 22, 2023 by KeMe010984 on Apple Podcasts

Ghost Town

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