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Keep Crushin It!
Love the Podcast! Love the creepy nature and love the hosts! Keep it going! Cheers! The Crooked Cousins

Tony the movie guy
Spooky ghost stories are totally up my ally especially having grown up in England in many very old and haunted houses! I live in La now so several of these stories hit very close to home. Spooky and fascinating stuff!

A Great Listen!
For a great time listening to a mysterious, creepy but enjoyable podcast then look no further as the hosts while describing these various stories do so with a candor that's refreshing and seem to be having a lot of fun in doing it. Cannot wait for the next episode!

Great Podcast
Well done podcast, love the dynamic of the two hosts and the stories they tell.

New Favorite Podcast!!!
Love this show! Horton and Leib are the perfect duo to bring the scary from a non-biased point of view. My new favorite podcast!!!

Spooky Talk
Listening to Ghost Town is like sitting in a booth the 101 Cafe eating sweet potato fries with your best comedy buds who happen to have some really interesting ghost stories. Jason and Rebecca deliver entertaining and mysterious tidbits in their engaging podcast.

The ghostly sojourn
This is a ride you won't forget. This comedy meets drama will take you there and back and back again. Where is there? Do yourself a favor and find out

My new fave true crime podcast!
Funny and creepy at the same time. Love it!

Spot on guys!
I love ghost stories...especially true ones.. That Los Feliz house is close to me... yikes!! Way to go Jason and Rebecca!

Scary History
Very interesting ghost stories about places you might have visited. Good storytelling from the funny Jason and Rebecca, keeping us on our toes and getting personal. Investigator comedians

Creepy and Fun
Rebecca and Jason are fun and enthusiastic as they go over haunted places. Their excitement is contagious! I wonder what happened to the Adderall. That's the biggest mystery.

Quality podcast!! Love the chemistry and enthusiasm.
Two awesome personalities that work so well together. Production quality is fantastic too. Can’t wait to hear more! 👻

Obsessed with this! And now I’m never leaving my house.

Ghost Town
If you’re like me and you love all thing abandoned, haunted, or otherwise creepy, you’ll love Ghost Town. Rebecca and Jason’s still is like going on a haunted journey with your funniest friends. LOVE.