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always different, always interesting!
Just when you think everything paranormal/esoteric has been covered, they find another. Over and over, and never not worth it. They’ve been a great addition to my rotation!

When I found this podcast I assumed it was about ghost stories only. Much to my surprise and joy, it includes all things that are no more. I love the subject matter and the hosts are have great chemistry! Keep it up! Love it!

Always Fun, often surprising.
I love the interesting topics that the adorable Rebecca and Jason choose to discuss and giggle about like they’re a couple of adolescents (although this does not detract from the intelligent, well-researched info they share). Listening to this podcast would be like hanging out with my friends if they knew more cool stuff to tell me about. Always fun, and often surprisingly educational. Thanks for the laughs and new trivia for me to devour!

One of the best!
This podcast is awesome!! I recently found this podcast and I must say each episode gets better and better. Thanks for putting out great content. YALL ROCK! 😊

Great topics and great banter
Love this show! Topics are great, creepy, sppoky, and all of the places I would like to visit. I LOVE the hosts as they feel like friends, and their banter keeps me laughing. You both feel like friends i have never met. Thank you and please keep doing what you are doing! <3

I’m into it 👌🏼
To be completely honest I started this podcast once and just wasn’t feeling it.. then I gave it another try and I can’t stop listening! You guys vibe so well and your humor is spot on with mine. The topics, delivery, humor, the convos.. and two a week.. ya can’t beat it haha. Also love the way you pitch your patreon lol

Good listen
Keep up the good work. In a world where everyone thinks they are the all knowing podcast authority. It is nice to listen to a show with two normal (maybe) people just like you (also maybe) talking about things you like.

Great and funny
I came across this show while hearing another podcast. I instantly got hooked with their sense of humor. Jason and Rebecca you guys are hilarious. Rebecca don’t stop the f bombs

Always Entertaining
A highly entertaining podcast covering a wide array of spooky/creepy/true crime stories. It’s a great listen that I have added to my routine while working, sitting in traffic, or walking the dog.

Glad I stumbled upon this
I love the concept of focusing on places. What, by the way, is more inherently creepy than thinking about abandoned places?? ( The Shining anyone?) I really like hosts, their banter is legitimately entertaining and they work really well together.

One of my favorites
I love this podcast. Jason and Rebecca are so down to earth and relatable. I love the banter and the wide range of topics they cover. Especially any NJ based mysteries.

I came around to it
Took me a little bit to adjust to the format, but I enjoy the spooky tid bits. The Friday fails are an especially fun short-listen. Fun podcast!

Great Podcast for an aspiring Forensic Major
I stumbled upon this podcast a while back. I listened to the podcast very little, until the Woodstock 99 episode. I am now absolutely hooked, because of the historical aspect of Woodstock (and being raised on Classic Rock) and the commentary on the crimes.

This show is a gem!
I don't know what some of the bad reviewers consider a good podcast, you can find a thousand that are strictly about hauntings but this show is so cool and unique I think it will get even more popular in the future. If you have a bit of a dark sense of humor and love anything about dark history, abandoned buildings, hollywood lore etc. these are your peeps. I also love the mini "fail" episodes about random weird blips in history that didn't go so well. Keep it up guys! ;)

Diggin it
Always looking for spooky dope podcasts. As someone who does a lot of traveling to weird and/or spooky places it’s nice to have some new recommendations. Also as a native NYer and someone who grew up in the punk scene in the 90s I love the personal stories and any and all NY and music related content. I find both hosts funny and genuine. I don’t get all the rude negative reviews like this is clearly a mix of comedy and spooky/weird/true crime stuff. It’s not meant to be endless dry factoids. Let folks live. If you don’t like it you can listen to something else, it’s that easy, without being rude about it.

Love this show. always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes

Likeable Hosts and great Content!!
The content is interesting and entertaining. The hosts are funny and I appreciate how engaging they make each episode. NOT DISAPPOINTED ;) !!

Awesome Show!!!
Love the variety of topics and the chemistry of the hosts is perfect.

I listen to GTP while I’m working my 11 hour shift. Honestly thank you two for keeping me entertained and intrigued. I listened to every true crime podcast there is but THIS one kept my attention. I love that y’all mixed the abandoned places, ghosts, and true crime in one podcast. Great work! Will join your Patreon soon.

Scaredy Cat
I love this podcast. I’m way too scared to visit any of these places myself, even in the daytime, so this is the safest way for me to get a feel for so many of these interesting places without having to pee my pants.

Love this podcast! It’s both funny and little creepy - it touches on so many interesting places and stories. I can’t wait to hear more!

Amazing spooky podcast with fun and energetic hosts! Wish the episodes were a touch longer and more details, but that just because I love it so much! Keep up the great work guys!

Empowered and Informed!
I immediately recommended this podcast to my loved ones after listening to all of the available episodes. The host breaks down concepts that are intimidating and makes me feel like I can really make personal change.

honestly love the dynamic and feel to the podcast! esp since it feeds into my love for true crime, some haunts as well as abandoned places and touches on so much history that like. it really is the ideal podcast. also i lost it when rebecca said bonies KDJDKS

i can’t speak high enough about this podcast!! the hosts are hilarious and responded super kindly about my feedback. i binged the entire thing without getting annoyed with the hosts (which happens to me often when i binge an entire podcast) 12/10

must hear
These two are hilarious no matter what topic they take on. And their banter is instant good company.

Not bad
This podcast isn’t bad. I like Jason’s sense of humor. I wish the podcasts were longer though. I also hate that ad they play every episode. I know they can’t control the music on the ad, but i can’t stand it.

Wow this is good
I mean, if you don’t listen to this podcast, I think that might be clinically insane, I think that might be the definition. This podcast is riveting, and Rebecca’s voice is reminiscent of a really sweet, innocent ghost. So, it works.

Wow Rebecca stole my heart
The podcast is amazing and I’m hooked! Love every episode. Thank you for my new obsession (this show and REBECCA! What a star!!!)!

I love Ghost Town!!
Rebecca is a queen, this is a MUST LISTEN!!