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Appreciate you and your podcast
Thank you for finding these fantastic tales. I look forward to these each week and really enjoy your “checking in” breaks as well. It’s a nice balance of comedy and drama!

Outstanding Show!
Ghost Town's "The Dress" is the epitome of gripping storytelling! This podcast takes you on a journey through the shadows of history, uncovering strange and unexplained events that will leave you with goosebumps. Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib's exploration of the viral phenomenon from 2015 is both intriguing and haunting. Their meticulous research and attention to detail make each episode a spine-chilling experience. The mix of true crime, paranormal encounters, and historical curiosities is an absolute treat for anyone who loves the mysterious and the bizarre. If you enjoy podcasts that keep you guessing and wanting more, "The Dress" on Ghost Town is a must-add to your playlist!

Unraveling the Unexplained - Must Subscribe!
Ghost Town podcast is an absolute gem for anyone who loves a good mystery with historical depth! Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib are a dynamic duo, seamlessly combining their passion for paranormal experiences and weird historical events. Their storytelling is top-notch, and they manage to strike the perfect balance between thrilling and educational. Each episode takes you on a thrilling adventure, from deserted amusement parks to the darkest true crimes in history. I'm never disappointed. If you're looking for a podcast that will keep you on the edge of your seat and ignite your curiosity, Ghost Town podcast is the one for you!

New segment
Jason has been reading the iTunes reviews. A level of drama that hasn’t been seen (heard) since MTVs singled out. Will Jason read a review? Guess we’ll need to listen weekly to find out? Will Jason and Rebecca become anti vaccine ppl or be featured nude in playboy and follow the Jenny McCarthy career path? Maybe they will both marry wahlburgs. Maybe I am a walhburg. Sup Rebecca? 😉 (wink emoji)

5 stars all around!
I personally enjoy the tone and vibe that I get with each episode. You guys present all the facts with such clarity and keep everything crisp and clean; no caffeine. Thanks for all that you do and keep them coming!

Review and a request
Hello. I love your podcast. The topics you cover are always compelling and a lot of the time it is new information that I have not previously heard about or read about. I especially liked when you covered the Kate Yup Conspiracy. I made my family listen to that one on a road trip from Georgia to Mississippi. Speaking of conspiracy I would love it if you made an episode about Britney Spears and if she has been an AI deep fake since sometime last year. Tik Tok has me convinced this is happening. Keep up the great work and thank you!

5 stars for your apple reviews!
I give your reading of your apple reviews 5 stars!!! It may be worth mentioning that I love your podcast as well, and I enjoy whatever combination of storyline + conversation you present each week. I think you have a galvanized dynamic between the two of you. Big Fan y’all!

Ghost are my favorite!!
Love the podcast!! Love the hosts , loads of fun!! Plus you learn so much!! Keep it up, please!! Thank you!!

Glad it was recommended
The stories are very interesting and I like the variation with the short mini episodes. It’s like listening to your friends tell stories with some nice banter in between! Perfect for people working from home, who like the human-interaction!

An instant obsession
It took me awhile to get into podcasts (grouchy elder millennial maybe? Who knows!). Ghost Town pod is only the 3rd podcast I’ve ever listened to and I AM OBSESSED. I was hooked by the name as a connoisseur of all things spooky but the variety of topics they cover is even more interesting than I could have imagined. I’m currently on episode 106 (I’m listening via Sirius XM as a benefit of my subscription) and my husband makes fun of me saying I should just listen to the new episodes but I feel like it’s skipping chapters in a book, I can’t do it! I love hearing the evolution of the podcast from the beginning to now. I can’t wait to catch up! I love the banter between Rebecca and Jason. I also have no idea how old Jason is because of his jokes about his age, he could be anywhere from 45 to 115. I have recently become a Ghost Town Alderman via Patreon. I had to google what the word meant 😂 Please keep doing what you’re doing, don’t change a thing! Rebecca’s tendency to swear like a sailor and say “I’m from the midwest” cracks me up every time. Jason’s creative way of dropping Ghost Town pod on Patreon impresses me everytime. Please come to NJ and investigate/cover White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro! Rich history and supposedly very haunted. We also have some strange and creepy unsolved mysteries like the Disappearance of William Ebeneezer Jones lll in 1962, and the Sigrid Stevenson story in 1977 and the Camden Sniper/Phantom Sniper in 1927/1928.

Ghost stories
I do love a ghost story, & these are interesting. Well presented & makes you want to continue listening.

Glad I found this this pod!! This is definitely my favorite. To me it comes down to the professionalism of the host and the quality of the content/guests. Great show.

Spreading the good word!
Hi. Hello. How are you? Ghost town is a solid 5 stars. All good things. History? Check. Pop Culture phenomena? On it! Unexplainable circumstances? They have it covered. All that and more in a bite sized podcast. And don’t you dare downplay the importance of the chit-chat check-in! There is no one I’d rather have discussing my untimely death or mysterious occurrence. Maybe I’ll put that in my Will…

I read a lot but yet am constantly learning about things I’ve never heard of before. Good curation.

Ghost Town is definitely worth a listen!
I absolutely love this podcast. I love that they cover more obscure stories and lore that is hard to find anywhere else. I also have come to love the bantering and the general dynamic that Jason and Rebecca have. All of the stories are well researched and I have learned a lot while listening. Thank you Jason and Rebecca for all the work you put into this podcast, just know that this listener greatly appreciates it.

Spooky-ish and worth a follow.
Found this well done podcast to help me through the lonely graveyard shifts. They discuss a lot of subjects done on other spooky podcasts but they also do other smaller cases. I’m enjoying so far. “They also found a 9mm shotgun in her car” -The Billings Murders (21.35)

Spooky-ish and worth a follow.
Found this well done podcast to help me through the lonely graveyard shifts. They discuss a lot of subjects done on other spooky podcasts but they do it very well. I’m enjoying so far.

Elliot Smith
Listening to the third installment of the Elliot Smith saga was infuriating. The woman who wrote a book about his death who speaks on this episode briefly about how she believes his girlfriend killed him seriously sounds like she is a high school kid gossiping with her friends. And the quote from the next door neighbor, are you for real? Does that really sound like something you should take seriously? That person sounds crazy, nosey, and incredibly entitled to think that they should have any say over what Jennifer chooses to take out of her OWN HOME the day after she loses her partner. Both of these people are stupid, and I would love to slap each of them.

Great job
Love this podcast worth listening to!!

Finally, something worth listening to!
While working nights, after having exhausted all possible streaming services, I was on the hunt for a spooky podcast. What I found was a lot of truly god awful, monotone, poorly written drab that seemed to focus more on the hosts’ conversations than the topics of the podcasts. Ghost Town was not one of them! Rebecca and Jason present a truly perfect blend of spooky/true crime material that is both interesting and obviously well researched. Their banter seems genuine and, unlike most podcasts, does not make me want to hit my head on sharp things. Thanks for putting out such great, binge-worthy material. You guys are the best. < 3

I really like your podcast and I listen to it every day so keep up!!!!!!!!

Jam packed with ads
The topics are good and the hosts are pleasant to listen to. However, there are so many ads packed into an episode that it becomes hard to follow or listen all the way through. I usually save it for when I have nothing left to listen to for these reasons. I would listen more if there weren’t so many ad interruptions.

i’m listening for the adverts now. the two of you make me feel like i’m right there. your reviews of the reviews are solid. whoever is doing sound modulates perfectly. keep it up. just beautiful.

I love this podcast!!! I love the banter and cussing and everything about you!

Awesome show to binge for hours in my wood shop. We’ve built some beautiful furniture and a swim spa deck together :) Both hosts have great radio voices

Interesting short stories
I love this podcast, the episodes are for the most part short and definitely bingeable at work. It’s a welcome break from the ones that offer a lot of commentary and personal opinions during the stories and I love texting my family and friends with random “did you know about…” facts I learn every day!

Love the show
So I stumbled upon this show and was hooked with the first show I listened to im currently back tracking and bingeing every episode. Keep up the good work and just know y’all have made a devout listener of me DONT!!! Change a thing With much love From the Smokey mountains of Tennessee

Love the banter
Rebecca’s voice is so hot! 5 stars, love the show!

Cool podcast!
The hosts are funny and the topics are interesting.

Quirky short stories
I love how much Rebecca “Killdozer” Loeb interrupts Jason Horton. The hosts are mellow and don’t take themselves too seriously. They cover geographical and historical quirky stories with humor. I especially love when they read their one-star reviews.