Dec. 10, 2021

Carrie: The Musical Disaster (GT Mini)

The 1988 musical adaptation of the horror classic Carrie was a frightening failure. More Ghost Town:…

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Dec. 8, 2021

182: The Cottingley Fairy Hoax

A series of mysterious photos from the woods of Cottingley, England took the esoteric world by storm in 1917. More Ghost Town: ht…

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Dec. 2, 2021

Tim Burton's Lost "Hansel and Gretel" (GT Mini)

Tim Burton's film "Hansel and Gretel" aired only once on the Disney Channel in 1983. More Ghost Town:…

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Dec. 1, 2021

181: The Havana Syndrome

In 2016-2017, US government personnel and military started to experience an unexplained illness while living in Havana, Cuba. The…

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Nov. 26, 2021

The Omaima Nelson Thanksgiving Murder

Model Omaima Nelson took revenge to a very grisly place over Thanksgiving weekend in 1991. The Candyman Killer:…

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Nov. 24, 2021

The Deadly Molasses Flood of 1919

A deadly tidal wave overcomes the streets of Boston in 1919. The Candyman Killer: Haunted Merch: htt…

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Nov. 19, 2021

The Rise and Fall of the Futuro House (GT Mini)

These flying saucer-shaped homes were poised to revolutionize the living space in the 1960's & 1970's, but were more problem than…

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Nov. 17, 2021

Introducing: Gone South, Season One: Who Killed Margaret Coon?

In 1987, a former prosecutor named Margaret Coon took her dog for a walk in one of Louisiana’s safest and most affluent parishes.…

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Nov. 17, 2021

179: The Dark History of Camp Shane

A family run weight loss camp in the Catskills has a long and troubling history that lead to a war between the owners, and the gu…

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Nov. 12, 2021

Al Capone and the Murder Twins (GT Mini)

A deadly dinner party courtesy of Al Capone makes waves in 1929. The Candyman Killer: Haunted Merch:…

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Nov. 10, 2021

178: The Disappearance of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers

The 2014 disappearance of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers in Panama remains a mystery. The Candyman Killer:…

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Nov. 5, 2021

The Soap Killer of Correggio (GT Mini)

In late 1930's Italy, the woman known as the "The Soap-Maker of Corregio", had a penchant for murdering her neighbors and turning…

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Nov. 3, 2021

177: The Poughkeepsie Killer

The town of Poughkeepsie, NY had a trophy-collecting serial killer in it's midst in the late 90's. The Candyman Killer: https://y…

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Oct. 29, 2021

Return to the Haunted Stanley Hotel (GT Mini)

This Colorado hotel is a horror landmark and filled with endless haunts. The Candyman Killer: Haunte…

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Oct. 27, 2021

176: The Deadly Belvedere Hotel

This historic Baltimore hotel has a long history of deaths, haunts, and unsolved mysteries. Get 10% off your first month by visit…

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Oct. 22, 2021

The Haunted Myrtles Plantation (GT Mini)

This Louisiana bed and breakfast is one of America's most haunted homes. The Candyman Killer: Haunte…

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Oct. 20, 2021

175: The Curse of the Luxor

The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas is a pyramid shaped curse. The Candyman Killer: Haunted Merch: http://b…

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Oct. 15, 2021

The Wickedest Hotel In the West (GT Mini)

The ghost town of Jerome, AZ is home to the very haunted Jerome Grand Hotel. The Candyman Killer: Ha…

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Oct. 13, 2021

174: The Haunted La Fonda Hotel

The La Fonda on the Plaza hotel in Santa Fe, NM is filled with endless haunts. The Candyman Killer: …

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Oct. 8, 2021

The Bilderberg Conspiracy (GT Mini)

In November 1954, the Hotel De Bilderberg in the Netherlands was a hotspot for conspiracy. The Candyman Killer:…

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Oct. 6, 2021

173: The Dark Secret of the Manor House Motel

The Manor House Motel in Aurora, CO was a voyeurs dream, and a guests nightmare. Get 10% off your first month by visiting our spo…

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Oct. 5, 2021

Binge This...Toxic: The Britney Spears Story

Comedians Tess Barker and Babs Gray, who you might know from Lady to Lady or the now legendary Britney’s Gram podcast, are here t…

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Oct. 1, 2021

The Denver Spiderman (GT Mini)

A murderous drifter makes himself at home in 1940's Denver. New video: Haunted Merch:…

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Sept. 29, 2021

172: The Murder of Irene Garza

A beauty queen meets her tragic fate after confession in 1960 Texas. New video: Haunted Merch: http:…

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