Ghost Town

This podcast makes me happy on the reg!

I’m in the midst of major binge sessions of this podcast and every episode really delivers the goods! The banter between Jason and Rebecca is hilarious and their personalities are so down to earth, you feel like you know them. I’ve listened to many true crime, paranormal etc podcasts but Ghost Town is my favorite and here’s why:

When explaining the backstory of a true crime, they don’t “revel in the awful” the way far too many podcasts do which would leave me feeling gross. Instead, they explain the details, and they convey the appropriate emotion about the backstory. They keep it human, and I appreciate that.

I love the weird history stories like the Deadly Molasses Flood of 1919. Absolutely fascinating!

And I live for the fact that Jason and Rebecca bring back all the pop culture fads of the past like the Cola Wars, Wendy’s Superbar and old amusement parks.

Finally, I’m a new patron to the Ghost Town Patreon and even though I don’t have to “listen to the chit chat” I choose to! Chit chat is part of what keeps me coming back. In fact, this Patron thinks Rebecca’s dating stories should be special content on Patreon.

Please keep making the good stuff!

Jan. 28, 2022 by CJJosell on Apple Podcasts

Ghost Town